Sunday, May 09, 2004


I've always wanted to be in entertainment.. ever since I was.. 6? I can barely remember. But the point is, I haven't given up. "It's just a phase," poeple say, "she'll get over it, she'll realise how foolish it all sounds soon.."

I don't know how I ever got this kind of spirit in me, but I always believed that if I really went for it, why wouldn't I succeed? Why would anybody else have a better chance at succeeding if I was determined to reach my goals? And if I was so sure that I could make something happen, and I did everything I could to get to it, then how could anybody possibly be able to stand in my way?

And then there are times when it would seem so much easier if I just followed the conventional way of things... you know.. go to school, get a good job.. make a good living and.. live a pretty darn decent life! But how could I ever allow myself let go of my dreams?

Everytime I think about spending my time on writting songs, singing on stage, working with the most talented people I could ever meet, making movies, exploring my capacities, constantly learning about myself.. and entertain other poeple, help them get away for awhile... and getting paid for it all...! It just.. blows me away and allows me to fly once again. It just.. makes me happy, you know? A big smile comes out of nowhere, takes me over and there's this burst of energy that runs through me, making me forget about everything else.

I went to a "how to write a cv for agents" workshop with my director from Purple Dragon last week, and being around other young actors like myself, I felt that the dream that seemed so far away was actually closer than I thought. It's such a weird feeling... that of somewhat having something at your fingertips.. and yet still feel so far away.

I'm lucky to know what my passion is, because I know that not everybody know where they want to be in the future. But if you have a dream and if you have a passion, please don't ever let it go. Passion brings beauty and truth and... a drive that is.. oddly satisfying. Believe in yourself, because if you don't first, who will? Be humble, but be confident. Don't ever let anybody put you down and stay honest to who you are.

"As impossible as it may seem, you've got to fight for every dream, 'caus you should know; the one you let go could've made you complete..." - Westlife (Flying Without Wings)