Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Just Want to Be Happy

I just want to be happy. I just want things to be simple. Straightforward. Honest and real.

I just want it to be easy. To talk. To communicate. To understand. Just like that.

I just want to get what a want. Without having to try too hard. Without having to work or fight for it. Without having to walk the right winding path.

I just want to do it all the right way. No mistakes. No falling down. I just want to stand tall.

I just want to trust. To never have to doubt you. To never have to wonder if you mean what you say. Or say what you mean.

I just want you to know. Who I am. What makes me laugh. What makes me cry.

I just want to laugh. Never want to cry. Never want to feel sad. I just want to smile.

I just want to be happy. For me. For you. For everybody.

It's quite a childish way of thinking, I suppose.
It's quite funny, I guess.
It's really quite unreasonable, I know.

It's quite boring... perhaps.

But can I just wish this..?

Just for one single moment, one single second...

To just simply be happy.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Here's to 2007

Happy new year! That seems like the most appropriate thing to say on a day such as this. Well, I mean, on the first day of the year. WOoohooOo! (Can you tell I'm not all there? =p)

It's been a short break. It's been a long crazy year. I suppose I'm glad it's all over. But friends have come and gone away for the break. And now, it's back to reality.

Last few months of school. Last term in class. Maybe forever.

I have no idea where I'll be by this time next year.

But here's to Good Things. Here's to taking more risks, making more bad decisions (hopefully less than last year). Here's to growing up, growing wiser as opposed to growing bitter... and hopefully growing more brave to go for the things we really do hold dear to our hearts. Like dreams. Like passion. Like love.

Here's to more good than bad. More laughs than tears... and always more food and wine than empty stomachs.

Here's to you, friends! Have an amazing one.