Monday, January 26, 2009

The Universe

The universe has a way of making things happen. I took some time off from the world, and now that I'm ready to run forward again, the universe is helping me make it happen.

Isn't that such a sweet and easy explanation for it all?

Or maybe... it's just me. Just me finally going out there and making it happen. Or maybe... it's been happening all along, and I just wasn't able to appreciate any of it.

Who knows, really. But why must we always be asking this question?

To figure out how to hang on to that giggle in your stomach that puts a smile on your face and prompts your heart to race... Sounds about right.

Then again, if it is the universe... how do you hang on to that?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'll Be Just Fine 2009

I'm sure "fine" and "09" will be paired together in more ways than we'd like for the next 300 days or so. But I thought I'd use it now before it gets... on our nerves. =p

Well truth is, I thought for a while about what I oughta write for my annual "Happy New Year" entry, but finally, I decided that heck, it's just another year.

As midnight hits and the new year begins, it seems as if everything lifts somehow. This year, I felt the air become crisper, the sky become farther.. and the world become so much bigger.

It's another year. I have absolutely no idea what is in store for me this time around. Though as I look back, I know I've experienced and learned a great deal of unexpected things in each passing year, so what's the use in planning or worrying about what's next? Whatever's gonna happen... is gonna happen.

All I have left to do is to be open to everything I will encounter. I'll try to try more. To be more excited. To get myself in scary situations. To get my heart racing... for any reason.

The important thing is, I know that whatever happens this year, I know I'll be just fine. And hopefully, by the next countdown, I will be more wise, more humble, more calm and more grateful.

I'm looking forward to it.