Friday, October 06, 2006


She sits down on the steps. Blue jeans, white collar shirt. She feels simple today.

It's one of those days when the air is crisp. The breeze is chilling, and yet, the sun still manages to reach your face and give you that exact amount of warmth.

She rests her elbows on her knees and holds up her coffee to her lips. She feels calm today.

Around her there are people conversing.. chatting, debating, flirting, gossiping. It's all a murmur to her. She hears a word here and there, a laugh, a scream. She watches friends run into each other. Stop. Have a short conversation. Your usual small talk. Have a nice weekend! On their way they go. Or they stay. Get a hug. Lean on a shoulder. Actually stop. And stay. Everything seems to be quieter today.

She breathes in the fresh air. Smells cleaner today.

It's autumn. Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Care Too Much About Shoes

Hey. Did you get new shoes? I really do like them.

When we first met, you said you liked my shoes. Then we got to know each other, and you tried to understand what it was like to be in my shoes. As we chatted, you seemed confused. Something didn't fit. At least not anymore. 'Are you sure your shoes are comfortable?' you asked.

'Yes, yes. I am.' I said. 'But at the end of the day, I still like to kick off my shoes and relax... you know, like most people.' Why of course, we all need a break sometimes.. Being on your feet all day sure isn't pleasant.

But if your shoes were so comfortable.. I mean, really comfortable... why would you want to take them off?

Oh, what a question.

Maybe that's why people own so many pairs of shoes.... to switch things up, to keep things exciting.



You know, you've got a point. Maybe even a good one.

But, if you ask me, I might not have the answers to all your questions.. I just know one thing: you care too much about shoes. I hadn't even noticed yours. I just liked your smile.

Too bad shoes had to get in the way.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Let's start with a dot. There is nothing complicated; nothing to read, nothing to blame, nothing to judge... absolutely nothing to fear.

Let's start with just this. Would you like to hold my hand? Would you like to take a walk, just you and I, have a laugh and maybe a conversation... a conversation that neither of us have had before?

If you're still with me so far, I'd say we're on a good track. I'd say there's a chance. For something great; something lovely, something sweet, something deep... something absolutely wonderful.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, however. Let's not think of anything at all. Let's just lie in each other's arms. Let's keep each other warm. Feel our heartbeats accelerate, our knees shake. Let's feel those butterflies... and do nothing but smile.

Now here comes the good part. The powerful stuff. Beyond the giggles, beyond the cheese and chocolate, beyond the fun. Here comes loving you, caring for me. Here comes the future, here comes complexity. Here comes love. It's do or die. It's smile or cry.

But let's not try to figure it out. In fact, let's not think of anything at all. Would you like to hold my hand? Would you like to take a walk, just you and I, have a laugh and maybe have a conversation. Any conversation that keeps me knowing you, knowing me, knowing the silliest little thing about you and me.

Let's grab a cup of coffee. Let's lie in bed 'till noon. Let's drive each other crazy with things we've done a million times. This is the good part. This is the powerful stuff. The giggles, the cheese and chocolate, the fun.

And if you're still with me so far, I'd say we're on a good track. I'd say we've got a chance. For something easy; something simple, something real, something strong... something absolutely wonderful.