Saturday, December 18, 2004


You know you're one of the guys when you're always the only girl around and everything feels fine. But you know you're one of the guys when they start talking about male genital accidents, strip clubs, other girls, etc., while you're around.

When I make new friends, they tend to be guys. And I guess I've always known that I get along better with dudes, but lately, I've really actually realised that I really don't have that many girlfriends...

"I don't have many girlfriends, do I? Look it, most of the people here are guys." I said to my friend Alexis at my birthday party. "Yeah, I was kinda disapointed..!" he answered, with a chuckle.

It's funny, because I grew up with two sisters, my mommy and only one man in the housemy dad. So it's quite peculiar that I'm not more girly than I am. Neither of my sisters are very girly either. Hmm. Maybe it's because my mother isn't either... Yeah, that's probably it.

My sister Tina pointed out to me one night, after I got off the phone with one of my guy friends: "It's funny that you always turn to guys when you need advice, eh?" Oh yeah.. that's true...!

I've never really thought about why. I don't like to generalize and say bad things about the members of my own sexe. I just don't tend to find common ground with them, I guess.

Hey, I have no complaints.

I've got great friends. And it's not like I have absolutely zero girl friends; my two best friends are both female, and they're both beautiful and fantastic. This is just an observation I've made about my little life lately. And it's great.

I love my boys! And I love the fact that I can be one of the guys while still being a girl (caus I can be quite a girl); because while I allow them to be "guys", I canwhenever they're pushing the limitstill be able to say: "Dude, don't do that!"

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crazy Quiet

A little exhausted. A lot tired.
Mentally drained. Physically wiped.

It's over now. It's a party in here.
Wanna scream and shout,
Wanna sing and dance.

A little exhausted. A lot tired.
A lively spirit. A fed up body.
It's crazy quiet in here.

Let's do something.
Let's celebrate.
Come on, come on.
Give me a break.

Eyes closed, feels good.
Feels fine to lie down.
But come on, come on...

Eyes closed, feels great.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Perhaps Mildly Sensitive...

True enough. I've been studying like crazy for finals. And it's quite understandable that I would get stressed. I also have my other reasons why I might find my days a little bit cloudy over the past few days. Why, with everything's that's been going on in the great little life I'm living here! But you see, now, I'll never know whether I was honestly feeling blue, or if I was Perhaps (just maybe), a little Mildly (or overly) Sensitive about certain "issues" in my life...

Oh poor me. It just comes and smacks you right in the back of your head out of the blue on a Monday morning, doesn't it? And it always does.

So to meself I must apologize. At least this time I didn't snap at anyone. Well hey, I'm usually pretty good at dealing with being Perhaps Mildly Sensitive. I didn't even think that I ever got that way... until it smacks you right in the back of your head out of the blue on a Monday morning... and you look back and sayaaahhh! I see....!

Yup. I see.

Cheers to all the ladies out there who are victims of themselves!! (oh, but pleasedon't whine too much, 'caus that'll just make the members of the other sexe believe that it's an excuse, and us classy ladies out there are not gonna let that happen.)

Friday, December 10, 2004

On My Way Home

It's 9:21pm, and it's way past dinner time. Sophie had been studying all day, and by now, she was only aware of the desperate gurgling sound her stomach was making. "Man, I gotta get myself some food." She realised that all she ate today was one of those miserable microwavable meals at about 11:30am, two cups of irish cream coffee (double cream, quadruple brown sugar), and a mediocre almond croissant she bought while studying at the cafe. "Alright, I've done enough for today. Time to go home and eat!" Eager to get home, she packed up her stuff, wrapped her scarf around her neck, slipped on her coat, and put on her hat to head out.

"Wow, it's so nice out." was her first thought as she stepped out of the cafe. It was snowing. Hard. But it wasn't cold at all. She didn't even have to zip up her coat. It was beautiful.

She was heading home. She really was. But as she walked past her street, she just kept going. It was too gorgeous a night to waste it by going back to an empty apartment. And somehow, her hunger left her alone for a while.

So she kept walking and thought about how nice it would be to go on the lower field of campus. And soon, she was the first one to leave footsteps on the big beautiful white surface. "How romantic," she thought, "it's too bad nobody could be here with me." She drew a trail in the shape of a heart for lovers to be moved by and walked in a way to spell out "dream" for dreamers to be inspired by... you know, if they ever happened to drop by. "This way, I'll sort of be there with somebody. And if somebody's here alone, they'll sort of be with me, too."

She walked around the field where nobody has walked before, and tried her best to take it all in; the christmas lights shining on McGill College, the endless snowflakes melting as they touched her face, her boots covered with light, sparkling snow...

"Alright, it's getting cold out here..." She suddenly felt it. It was as if she'd been in another world for a little bit, where it wasn't cold or wet, until her body told her: "enough." She was quite wet at this point. "I gotta get home before I make myself sick! Can't be sick during exam time and not be able to study..." So after promising herself that she'd visit her "dream" and her heart one last time, she finally brought herself, against her own will, to head back home.

As Sophie stepped into her building, she saw herself in the mirror. She was covered with snow and her face was as red as Rudolf's shiny nose. Her hat, her scarf, her shirt, her pants, her boots, her hair... were all soaked. And man, was she hungry.

Once she got into her sweet little apartment, she quickly changed into warm, comfortable and dry clothing, and made herself some delicious hot soup. While enjoying her soup, she thought to herself: "It really was so beautiful out there tonight."

Thursday, December 09, 2004

What To Do...

So it's 1:38pm. And I haven't really accomplished anything at all today. I've been idle since writing my two exams last night. But holy crap, 6 straight hours of concentration; it's really no fun at all.

My friend Jean told me on Tuesday: "Man, you're gonna have such a crappy day tomorrow!" and my response was: "Excuse me! I'm gonna have a great day!" Mouahaha. True. It was alright. Had a great morning studying alongside of my delicious, but oh-man-so-darn-expensive latte (seriously, $4 for a latte?!) at the Presse Cafe, and topping off my brain with a very last drop of management accounting. Yeah that was nice. And then I headed to dear Bronfman building to write my final. I did alright, I think. It all depends on how generous my prof's gonna feel when she marks my copy. But anyway. Back to having a great day. So all was going pretty ok at this point. And then I started stressing out, just a little bit, for my next final. Marketing. I loved that class, it was so much fun. And I didn't mind studying it at all either. But then, I felt like there was so much I was missing. Like, now that accounting was out of my head, it took some of marketing with it. Anyway. So I kept telling myself that, you know what Sherren, if you don't know it by now, you're screwed anyway... there's no point in trying to cram it all in within the 50mins between my two finals. Plus I was feeling a little lightheaded from not having any food all day, so I got meself some soup from the caf. It was good. After, I went into the exam room. Surprise. It was so hard!!! Damn. But after 2 hours and 15 minutes of mad concentration, I couldn't sit in there any longer. So I got out. Well I finished everything first, of course. So maybe I did okay. I coulda gotten an A in that class. And maybe I did? haha. That's a funny concept. Aaanyway, again. So I got out of the exam room and talked a bit to my prof who was out there asking me how it went. I said that it was ok. Which was sorta a half-lie. But it was true in a way too. And then I said, "I guess we'll find out!" And he agreed. I like that man. He's a good prof. One of the best profs I've had at McGill. OK! Back to my point. Sorry about all the tangents. I really can't help it. Look, here I go again... So. After I left the dear Bronfman building and started walking back home, I felt quite relieved. But oh man, did I feel drained. I didn't realise that sitting on your posterior and moving your hand (to write) for 6 hours could flush all that energy right out of you. I got home, feeling so darn lightheaded, and ordered some foooood. Yum. I watched "City of God", what an amazing movie. Couldn't snap out of it in the end for a little bit though. So it was a good day afterall. I mean, feeling drained and lightheaded aside, it was great.

And now... being real unproductive. Next final's on Monday. So I got some time. But it's stats, and stats are no fun. So I'm just sitting here. Wondering what to do next.


My darling little sister. A beautiful girl.
She's the baby of the family, sure, but she has taken
my hand and helped me walk through many dark alleys.

She knows what she believes in.
Sometimes, when we all seem to forget what's right and
what wrong, she'll remind you, right then and there, and
surprise you, with the deepest yet simplest answers.

The way she dressesshe's a great dresser, I must say
and the way she carries herself... there's just something
about her that makes her so... complete.

You see right through people, Jane. I don't know how you
do it. But you're a great judge of character. Not only do you
get bad gut feelings about certain people, but you know how
to recognise what makes somebody so special, what makes
them an individual... and you take the time to let them know
about it; that's so amazing. You've been through many kinds
of drama, darling, but you've always been able to stay so
strong... and I'm so proud of you.

I've got you to thank for allowing me to tell you anything and
everything, for being my fashion adviser =P, for having that
"sister vibe", for trusting me with your lastest and hottest
news, and for making me laugh... so hard.

I love you so much, Jane, and which ever hottie you're gonna
choose to love is gonna be the luckiest dude in the world...!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

What She Likes

We sure looked good on paper
‘Til we read between the lines
It always hurts when you find
You’re running out of “laters” and “maybe next times”
When you can almost read her mind

She likes the romance, the slow dance
Staying out all night
She likes the Christmas lights all year round
Why put ‘em up, take ‘em down
She watches baseball, hates the mall
And hangs out with “the guys”
That’s what I know about what she likes
About what she likes

She’s all about the rainbow
But not the one on Sunset Boulevard
I got it wrong, she took it hard
And it really hurts to let go when you’re so close
To making it so far

I should have known that
I never could have known that I
Could ever know enough about her to keep her mine

--Evan and Jaron

Thursday, December 02, 2004

King & I: The Rock Opera

Oh. My. God.

I can't believe how great that was. I just walked home with Lydie, and the whole way back, I kept repeating: "I can't believe how great that was!"

Purple Dragon, the theatre school I'm with, put on an outstanding musical of The King and I. It was great acting, great singing, great dancing. The cast was beautifully chosen. The King was great, Anna was great, the forbidden lovers were great, the ADORABLE little prince was great. Holy crap. I can't get over it. That was another thing I kept repeating on my way home.

Honestly, they managed to make me laugh "Etc, etc, etc.", to make me wanna cry... my heart was pounding when Tuptim lost her lover, when the King died... The audience was so engaged in the story, and felt for every single one of the characters...

I loved how Kendall added and adapted all these songs... "Let it Be", "Part of That World", "Tears in Heaven", "We Both Reached for the Gun" etc, etc, etc. and when Lun Tha started singing "Your Song", I believe that my heart melted a little bit...


I can't believe how great that was.

Time to Shine

Hey dudes,

After my sister showed me her blogs, I decided to change my "Life in Pink..." site to a blog. I've transferred all my writings from my site to here, and posted them with the respective dates that they were written on my old site—that's why I'm starting "Let's Shine" with so many entries already.

Hope you'll enjoy my spur of the moment philosophies on life...