Monday, March 23, 2009


The weather's getting warmer and I'm switching my winter coat for a lighter jacket. I'm gonna be able to go sit and read in the park, soon.

The birds are chirping. That always makes me want to laugh out loud. It's almost time for the city to be painted green with baby grass and baby leafs. We're gonna be able to eat and drink on a Montreal patio, soon.

The spring is coming and you and you and you... are leaving me, soon.

So scared and so excited. I suppose I will be leaving this, soon, too.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Good Night

I never take care of my hair. I want coffee mug rings on my new wooden shelf. Or wine glass rings... they seem romantic to me - aren't they to you? I'd like to sit by the fire in a big old stained sweater. I'd also like to fall asleep now. And for once, I'd like to not dream. I'd like to sleep, and wake up when I'm ready, breathe in... satiated with rest. I'm curious about frogs. Or at least I am at this very moment.