Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Look How Far We've Come

I look back on all the ups and downs that you and I have gone through, and sometimes think to myself - "Did we really go through that? Was that really you and me?"

Year after year after year go by... all within the blink of an eye. Or at least that's how it feels like when we finally notice it. And then, within the next second, we can reminisce and realize - "Wow, we've known each other for a looong time."

Next, we realize that it really was you and me, that it really is you and me. It really was you and me that went through those times of utter awkwardness, those times where we couldn't or didn't even want to speak to each other, where we questioned our friendship and whether we would survive this. It also really was you and me who laughed till we couldn't breathe, who sat with each other while we cried and who shared secrets because we saw real friends in each other.

That's why you and me are who and where we are today.

That's also why, thinking back on those moments of utter awkwardness, I can remind myself that... because we care about each other, this too shall and will pass.