Tuesday, January 31, 2006


For some reason, my blog wasn't working.. so I decided to change the whole template. I think it got upset with me for attempting to change it last time, and then giving up on it.. and leaving it the same way.

I think it got mad at me for giving it hope for something new. Something fresh. Something better.. and then giving up. So easily.

So there.

It's working now.

It's happy now.

Lesson learned.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Four Walls

It used to be my home away from home.
Now, it's just my home.

There's something about these green walls.
Something about the brown.
Something about the pictures I put up.
The quote I painted on.

Maybe it's that I did it myself.
I chose the colors, the pictures...
The ideas.

There's something about my bed.
My pillow, my duvet.

It's filled with friendship.
Filled with warm fuzzy feelings.
With comfort.

Maybe it's that it's white.
Or at least off white.
And it's what I've always wanted.

When I come back I feel lighter.
When I lay down I feel safer.

When I'm here.. I feel.. familiar.

Tonight, I get to sleep in my own bed.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here We Go..

How is it possible that I have nothing wise and positive to say on this New Year? I realise that it has been a while since I have last posted a new entry on this wonderful blog of mine... and I must confess, it has been caused by the lack of inspiration, the lack of having something inspiring to share with you...

Today, I had a good day.

I mean, it's not the first good day I've had in a while, but nevertheless, I had a good day. And I decided that it was... hmm, how do I put it... necessary? time? No, I just thought that it would be nice for me to write something on the New Year. Because I do believe that it'll be great.

I know it'll be full of ups and downs. I don't know that there'll be more sun than rain, but at least I won't start this year with predictions of storms, earthquakes... armageddon. Positive attitude, afterall, is what makes all the difference, isn't it?

I visited my own blog just a few minutes ago, and shuffled through my archives. I saw entries I've forgotten about, entries that provided me with hopeful answers to my current grim questions. So, am I walking backwards? Am I becoming weaker as I grow older? Have I fallen victim to this bitter world?

I'd like to give myself more credit than that. None of us are perfect. Thank goodness, we all go through up and downs. At times, we are wiser; at others, we are in serious need of a slap in the face--a friend to pull us back down to earth, a reminder of that life is beautiful... or a few previous blog entries to make it all better again.

So here we go again. To yet another New Year, to redundant routines, to making the same mistakes.. but also, to growing wiser by staying foolish, to making new mistakes, and to loving it all with 100% of our hearts, because.. well, that's how it goes.

And.. because it'll all be what you make of it.