Thursday, May 07, 2009

Like These Rainy Days

This is the type of rainy day where you can stand in the doorway of your balcony, sipping fresh coffee, watching the clouds watering the city, giving life to the budding trees. It feels quiet. It's the type of day where you wear your raincoat and watch the drops hanging on to the rims of your raincoat hood, blink when some of them let go, then giggle at yourself for this silly fascination. You remember to breathe in, and the air tastes so fresh in your lungs. It feels healthy. You think, I'd like to go sit in the thick fog that's engulfing the mountain this morning. Getting home, you notice that the back of your pants are wet from splashes of your own footsteps and you think about changing into dry and clean clothes. But before you get dressed again, you realize that the idea of taking a hot shower is marvelous and you grab your towel instead. It's just that type of day. You open up the curtains to let the cloudy sunlight in, lie in bed and stare out the window. You close your eyes to listen to the rain... and maybe doze off. When you wake up, you stay in bed, or slip under a blanket on the couch. Time for another hot beverage. Maybe a hot chocolate this time. Curling up in a comfortable chair, wrapping both hands around your big hot mug, holding it close to your lips as you softly blow your drink to cool it down... staring out the window, you think, I like this type of rainy day.

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